Local stations continue to see interactive sponsorship success

A growing number of TV stations have used interactive sponsorships to expand advertising revenue in 2022 and so far in 2023. These powerful campaigns make advertisers part of branded broadcast experiences with a strong push-to-digital component that enables sponsors to collect valuable opt-in data and permits consumers to make instant online purchases.

2022 saw an increase in local stations using interactive sponsorships to improve advertising revenues.

2023 proves this wasn’t a one-off trend, as more stations adopt interactive sponsorships to provide value to their advertisers and differentiate themselves in a crowded broadcast marketplace.

Megaphone TV is the #1 interactive sponsorship platform for local stations, allowing you to boost advertising revenue and client campaign success.

What is Interactive Sponsorship?

Interactive sponsorship is simple:

  • An advertiser sponsors interactive content
  • The content is broadcast live during news, sports, lifestyle, or entertainment segments
  • Audiences use their mobile devices to participate
  • Participants are served a digital offer
  • The sponsor collects valuable opt-in data
  • Viewers can make immediate online purchases

When bundled with traditional station ad inventory, interactive sponsorship gives local stations powerful incentives for advertisers to choose them.


Sell Bigger Ad Packages Graphic

Megaphone TV clients that include interactive sponsorship in their advertising packages have increased the size of their ad bundles sold.

The most typical interactive sponsorship bundle sold includes the following:


  • Monday to Friday – Sponsored Question/Sports Poll of the Day
  • Full-screen interactive branded billboard with logo
  • On-air verbal sponsor mention
  • Squeeze Backs
  • First 30-second spot after the segment
  • Additional 30-second spots ROS

Branded Pop-Up

  • Fully branded pop-up
  • Custom pop-up offer (commercial, lead capture, etc.)
  • Opt-in data collection

Digital Advertising

  • Native ads on station website
  • Promotion via station’s social accounts
  • Text notifications
  • Newsletter inclusion with sponsor offer

Interactive Sponsorship is Expanding Because Sponsors See the Results

Interactive sponsorship is seeing increased demand from local stations and advertisers because its unique branded content possibilities provide brands with results.

KOB Albuquerque Football Night Poll Sponsored by Melloy Nissan

We increasingly see auto dealers turning to interactive sponsorship to build their local brand and help drive high-ticket inventory off their lots – literally!

Using interactive sponsorship, KOB Albuquerque secured Melloy Nissan to sponsor their weekly Football Night poll question.

The mobile experience for the Melloy Nissan interactive sponsorship. The ability to instantly contact an advertiser is a powerful feature included with our interactive sponsorship platform.

Local dealerships like Melloy Nissan are integral to the revenue success of local stations.

Offering digital-friendly solutions that bundle well with a station’s ad inventory – like interactive sponsorship – is a great way to build continued long-term success.

KNWA Fayetteville: Pig Trail Nation Poll Sponsored by Signarama

Recently, KNWA expanded interactive advertising and promotional opportunities into their entertainment content.

Signarama (a supplier of a wide range of custom-made signs, banners & decals for buildings & vehicles) sponsors KNWA’s Pig Trail Nation Poll – a regular, in-broadcast poll covering Arizona sports.

LNWA Interactive Sponsorship

The mobile experience for Signarama’s interactive sponsorship. Notice the ability for users to visit the Signarama website instantly.

Franchises like Signarama exist in every TV market, and almost all are facing similar challenges in driving customers to retail locations or visitors to e-commerce websites.

Interactive sponsorship makes it easy and affordable for franchisees to do both while building deeper brand recognition in their local communities.

Interactive Sponsorship Continues to Deliver ROIs for Local Stations

Being able to offer interactive sponsorship to advertisers requires a modest investment of time and capital by local stations – but the ROIs speak for themselves.

The ability to instantly convert viewers into buyers and leads for your clients is something that a typical 30-second commercial alone cannot do.

But as part of a bigger advertising package that includes traditional spots, on-air mentions, and graphics, interactive sponsorship improves campaign results, ad spending, and client retention.

If your station wants to boost revenues with interactive sponsorship, you can try Megaphone TV for free for 6 months. If you have any questions, please contact us at: contact@megaphonetv.com.

Yusuf Gad is the VP of Marketing for Megaphone TV.


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