Megaphone TV launches new interactive sponsorship platform

Interactive sponsorship is the fastest way for your local station to increase revenues, sell more advertising, expand its inventory, AND charge a premium. By acting as a focal point for a brand’s advertising efforts with your station, interactive sponsorship allows you to sell complete 360-degree campaigns quickly and easily. In 2023, Megaphone TV has seen an over 800% growth in interactive sponsorship adoption across all our local station clients. Why? Because it helps them sell bigger ad packages and deliver immediate results to advertisers.

We have transformed our audience engagement platform into the #1 interactive sponsorship platform for local stations and commercial broadcasters of all sizes.

Megaphone TV’s platform has been redesigned and redeveloped with a singular purpose: to HELP YOU SELL MORE.

SELL MORE commercials.
SELL MORE on-air promotions.
SELL MORE native advertising.

Megaphone TV clients have sold more than $25 million in advertising using our interactive sponsorship platform.

There’s still time this year for you to join them!




The Sponsored Question of the Day is the most popular interactive sponsorship format for stations and advertisers because of its flexibility, frequency, and association with key broadcast content.

It’s also powerful because of the ability to bundle it with other commercial inventory, such as pre-rolls, squeeze-backs, ROS 30s, and verbal on-air mentions.

KNWA Fayetteville recently introduced an interactive sponsorship segment called “Choose Your News” that allows viewers to select which story is covered during a broadcast.

The sponsor is Fayetteville’s very own HVAC leader, Armor Heating and Air – a repeat sponsor of interactive content on KNWA.

HVAC companies are always looking for new ways to connect with their ideal customers and advertise in media markets, big and small. We bet you have one in your market – just waiting for the chance to advertise with interactive sponsorship.


Our buzziest new feature lets local stations charge MORE for their commercial spots. We call it Interactive30s.

With Interactive30s, you can include interactive content directly within a commercial, providing advertisers with Megaphone TV’s complete suite of lead generation, data capture, and sales tools that drive immediate results.

WRTV and frequent interactive advertiser Franciscan Health recently launched an Interactive30s campaign surrounding the Indianapolis 500.

When bundled with in-broadcast sponsorship, Interactive30s can outperform traditional commercial spots, leading to higher advertiser renewal rates and allowing stations to charge more.


This year, one of our most powerful viewer engagement features was launched: UGC (user-generated content). With UGC, you can easily accept, moderate, and broadcast audience-submitted photos, comments, and videos.

Advertisers love being associated with user-generated content because it creates a more personal connection to their products and services and turns regular people into brand evangelists.

Sponsors are guaranteed a 100% brand-safe campaign with our built-in moderation tools, and stations can charge a premium for this unique sponsorship and advertising experience.


Whether your sponsor wants to give away a cash prize, a new car, or two tickets to a tropical island, sponsored contests and giveaways are big business for local stations.

Local stations know the kind of incredible viewer engagement and audience retention a good contest or giveaway can deliver.

The challenge has always been the headache and complexity of managing such events with limited staff, time, and resources.

However, whether it’s a season-long campaign or a daily giveaway, our platform can handle all of it, reducing production effort and maximizing advertiser satisfaction and results.

This past New Year, NBC Chicago and Miller Lite held a New Year’s Contest that awarded the big winner a top prize of $2023. Megaphone TV helped manage the gameplay and ensured fair participation for the entire event.

It’s a great example of how local stations can quickly and easily produce sponsor-friendly contests with our interactive sponsorship platform.


Maybe you have a sponsor who loves gameplay content but isn’t ready to hold an entire contest. With our sponsor-friendly trivia and quiz features, they can do just that.

Trivia and quiz games make for great broadcast segments, allowing advertisers to associate their brands with highly engaging content.

Similar in format to a Sponsored Question of the Day, a quiz allows you to turn branded segments into fun guessing games for audiences.

And because this kind of interactive content is highly customizable, the trivia questions can be geared toward your sponsor’s product or service niche. It’s a powerful way to grow category awareness while strategically highlighting the advertiser’s unique selling proposition.

Our real-time trivia and quiz game combines on-air and online experiences to deliver advertisers immediate leads, sales, and opt-in data.

FREE UNTIL 2024! (Terms and conditions apply.)

If you want to boost ad revenues with interactive sponsorship, you can try Megaphone TV for free until 2024.

Visit us at www.megaphonetv.com and book your demo today.

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@megaphonetv.com.

Welcome to the new Megaphone TV!

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