Real-time news polls have never been this easy

With just a few clicks, you can broadcast – and have your audiences participate in – news polls that update in real time. Works with all standard broadcast hardware and software.

News broadcasters are always looking for ways to better connect with their communities and viewers.

Stations need help to engage with – and get feedback from – home audiences on the topics that impact them the most.

Megaphone TV is the #1 news polling platform for local stations. We make it simple for you to:

  • Create and broadcast news polls
  • Invite viewers to participate
  • Display results in real-time
  • Expand into interactive sponsorship to sell bigger ad packages

You can get a free 6-month trial of Megaphone TV for a limited time.

How Real-Time News Polling Works

News polling used to be a complex effort, requiring multiple sources of data-gathering tools and broadcast graphic software to install and deploy.


Not with Megaphone TV.

Megaphone TV works with your existing broadcast platforms, making airing news polls a breeze without complex integrations or programming.

And because we make it so simple, Megaphone TV’s real-time news polls have become a regular part of broadcasts nationwide.

Here are a few ways local broadcasters use our real-time news polling to generate engagement and viewer retention.

Local Story Polls

Audiences want to feel that their local news coverage reflects the issues that impact them,  their neighborhoods, and their communities.

Recently, WBRE of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, asked their viewers if a free breakfast program should be expanded throughout the state.

These local and state-focused polls often generate the highest engagement rates and give on-air talent the ability to speak to their audiences’ concerns.

While this news poll was sponsored – providing WBRE with an additional source of revenue – our news polls can be used with or without sponsorship to maintain editorial policy at your station.

Political Polls

We’re only a few short months away from presidential election season, and your viewers will have opinions on who should lead the country.

Megaphone TV has been the go-to platform for affiliates from FOX, Nexstar, Scripps, Sinclair, COX, Hubbard, and all other O&Os to instantly gauge their audience’s feelings on election topics, presidential platforms, and debate performances.

Not long ago, local stations across America turned to Megaphone TV to help viewers voice their opinions on President Biden’s State of the Union speech.

These instant polls are ideal for broadcasters looking for live content to be discussed on air and to help frame audience concerns around the day’s issues.

With our help, news polls can drive editorial success and viewer interest for your station.

Issue-Driven Polls

Some of the most intense participation in news polls revolve around issues.

From abortion to gun control to banning TikTok – audiences love sharing their thoughts on hot-button topics.

WNCN in Raleigh, North Carolina, asked its viewers their opinions on legalizing marijuana.

With more and more states legalizing the drug, the topics of its medicinal uses and impact on WNCN’s local communities are increasingly becoming important to their viewers.

Issue-driven polls open new doors for local stations to develop content and coverage that addresses local concerns and anxieties.

Interactive Sponsorship

Clients have seen the greatest success with Megaphone TV by turning our real-time polls into interactive sponsorship opportunities.

Brands love being associated with local stations with dedicated audiences.

Sponsoring content is ideal for them to grow brand awareness within a market.

With Megaphone TV, we help them do one better: we help turn your audiences into their buyers.

Megaphone TV can turn a simple broadcast poll into a transactional opportunity for advertisers.

Most advertisers can’t pass up the ability to instantly drive a lead or a sale.

Local stations have been building entire ad packages around our interactive sponsorships and routinely selling them for $100,000+.

Try us FREE for 6 months.

Megaphone TV is the #1 real-time news polling platform because we make it easy for your local station to:

  • Create and broadcast news polls
  • Invite viewers to participate
  • Display results in real-time
  • Expand into interactive sponsorship to sell bigger ad packages

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at: contact@megaphonetv.com.

Yusuf Gad is the VP of Marketing for Megaphone TV.

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